A quick look at the beginning of our Stud, then our current Stallions and Broodmares below....

How it started


I purchased Shona, 'Tarwarri Cameo' whilst working on a dairy needing something a bit more reliable than my Pinto part bred Arab pony Burrun Barr Rocky Ned...I've always loved coloured horses so Palomino was a bonus, and she was my first registered Australian Stock Horse, the plan was to ride her, then I got the urge to have a foal. I put her in foal wanting a Palomino foal so she went to a chestnut ASH stallion. I did one show with her at Maitland coming home with a few ribbons.

The resulting foal was indeed Palomino, and a filly born in 1988 who I watched being born I called her Shirri, back when I thought you had a different prefix for each breed association, my prefix was Redland Park and Pintos was Burrun Barr, so she should have been a Burrun Barr horse but I called her 'Redland Park Shiralee'...

Beginnings of our stud

We were dropping our Pinto mare Carolina(Shadow's full sister) off to Ron to be served by 'Carmona Todoroki', we watched a mare and foal beside us up the hill as we drove in. He had that, 'look at me' presence and full of himself...wanting to be watched. Jet black not a hair of white anywhere...

Carolina didn't go in so we took her back the following season to Carmona Todoroki. Asked Ron where the mare and would be then yearling where as we put the mare in a yard. In a casual way we walked back along his stable yards talking, he got a lead kept walking and unlatched the last box and caught what was in there, well OMG mouths open there was my foal...all grown up and gorgeous and way out of our price range of course...

We picked Carolina up and she was in mention of the boy, still there and gave him a pat...

August my birthday was coming up, John went to work on the Saturday and I was shitty about that but he took Matthew with him. So cranky me sulked all day and then he came in the driveway pulling a float? Pulled up got out dropped the tailgate and backed my beautiful black Australian Stock Horse colt off the float...still sulking I didn't comprehend it at the time, but John worked his arse off to get the extra cash to buy him.

Ron had called him 'Moe' and we kept it.. 'Hot Gossip' his show name had to have Hot in it and he was the talk of town...

Moe was the foundation sire of our ASH lines....pictured left with Heather, awarded National Reserve Champion 2yo Stock Horse at the 2001 National ASH Show.


'Carmona Hot Gossip' - LH

ASH - 138113

Dilute - DS0005

(Carmona Todoroki - TB x Kah Mine Reprieve - LH)

Current Stallions

Burrun Barr Burning Hot

Burrun Barr Hot On The Trail

Burrun Barr Tassas Hot Oak



'Burrun Barr Burning Hot' - HSH

ASH-179406, DNA 6 Panel Negative

Dilute - BS-0056

(Carmona Hot Gossip x Falbrook Missy)

Burrun Barr Tassas Hot Oak

Burrun Barr Hot On The Trail

Burrun Barr Tassas Hot Oak

'Burrun Barr Tassas Hot Oak'
ASH - C2-192107, DNA Pending
Tassas Hot Oak
AQHA - Q-68952
(Tassa Lena

'Burrun Barr Tassas Hot Oak' - MB

ASH C2-192107, DNA Pending


(Tassa Lena x Miss Chickasha Oak)

Burrun Barr Hot On The Trail

Burrun Barr Hot On The Trail

Burrun Barr Hot On The Trail


'Burrun Barr Hot On The Trail'  - LH

ASH-232560, DNA 6 Panel Negative

(Burrun Barr Burning Hot x Rocambole sis)

Burrun Barr Gold 'N' Hot

Burrun Barr Gold 'N' Hot

Burrun Barr Hot On The Trail


'Burrun Barr Gold N Hot'

ASH-243431, DNA Pend.

Dilute - F-7014

(Burrun Barr Hot N Rugged x Rocambole Sis}

SS Dads Reflection

Burrun Barr Gold 'N' Hot

Bogart Park Heartbreaker


'SS Dads Reflection'

PHAA -13527

Pinto - FS-5790

(Excelloot x Handson Approach)

Bogart Park Heartbreaker

Burrun Barr Gold 'N' Hot

Bogart Park Heartbreaker


'Bogart Park Heartbreaker'

Pinto - FS-5558

IMHR - AU0405

(Bogart Park Cheroke x Harrington Park Alvina)

Current Broodmares

Rocambole Sis

Moorooluck Little Pepper

Moorooluck Little Pepper


'Rocambole Sis' - LH 

ASH- SM-139795

(Yorlanna Reflect x Terling Susie)

Moorooluck Little Pepper

Moorooluck Little Pepper

Moorooluck Little Pepper


'Moorooluck Little Pepper' - LH

ASH - C2-199380

(Roseridge Mistrel x Roseridge Pepper) 

Coleslea Delta

Moorooluck Little Pepper

Lindenlee Tally


'Coleslea Delta' - HSH

ASH - 198551

(Orarapark Mystique x Rosebank Flare)

For Sale....SOLD....

Lindenlee Tally

Burrun Barr Totally Hot

Lindenlee Tally


'Lindenlee Tally' - LH

ASH - 177017

(Bryjen Fort Talon x Oakview Skye)

Merlin Eureka

Burrun Barr Totally Hot

Burrun Barr Totally Hot


'Merlin Eureka' - MB 

ASH - 187931

(Tamerang Oaks Performer x Merlin Blondie)

Burrun Barr Totally Hot

Burrun Barr Totally Hot

Burrun Barr Totally Hot


'Burrun Barr Totally Hot' - LH

ASH - 243430

Pinto - FM5844 

(Coleslea Eclipse x Lindenlee Tally)

Docs Regalena

Docs Regalena

Docs Regalena


'Docs Regalena'

AQHA - Q-53692

(Docs Regal x Tina Alena)

For Sale....


Horse sales.

All sales are final. All sale payments including pick up and delivery are to be completed 28 days from receipt of holding deposit. A holding deposit will be required and is non-refundable.